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Of Juice and Thrips and Ceiling Wax
April 2002

Easter, April 1

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Monday, April 1

On Sunday Denny and I drove past All God's Children Metropolitan church on our way down town to Minicon. The front of the church had pots of flowers and a stack of colorful Easter baskets ready for the children after the service. Scattered around the church grounds we could see Easter eggs in all colors, as the snow gently sifted down and gave them all darling little white caps. Ahh, spring in Minnesota...

Today it is snowing in earnest. 4 or 5 inches so far. I saw a couple of fender benders on the way to the co-op and was nearly in one myself, even going slow and using 4 wheel drive.

Minicon was quiet and seemed mostly harmless. I saw one of the guests of honor. I would have seen more of them but wasn't feeling quite up to par. I head the Flash Girls concert was darned good.

Programming had its ups and downs, mostly ups. The Programming Head had no previous experience that I know of. Sharon Kahn stepped in to help, doing a magnificent job. Denny noted that she was not in the list of thank yous given by the Programming Chair at closing ceremonies, nor did I hear him acknowledge her work the couple of times I heard him speak. Another fine Minicon tradition.

I went to hear Laurel Winter and Peg Kerr read, which was great fun. It would have been nice if the programming had been a bit spread out in time so that I didn't have to make so many hard decisions, but that's the way it goes.

Moving the consuite to the big ballroom and putting the Bridge in with it was a good idea. Somehow that room is much more friendly than the previous one, and was well decorated with a giant inflatable flying saucer and a whole herd of inflatable aliens. It would be nice, she said wistfully, if there could be a non-caffeine diet soft drink, like Fresca, available, for us old geezers who have to cut back on the elixir of life.

The Green Room crew were utterly wonderful.

The art show had its moments and was well laid out. Hucksters room had more books this year. Yayyyy! Good jewelry, too. You had to see the stuffed green Chuthulu toy dressed as Santa to really appreciate it. Now we find out if my Spell checker can spell Chuthulu, 'cause I certainly can't.

Lady Poetesses From Hell this year consisted of J.C. Rez, Jane Hansen, Laurel Winter, Rebecca Marjesdatter, me, and our new member, Cathy Tacinelli. I think the costume award goes to Laurie this year, who wore black leather trousers, a pink fringed sleeveless top, and long black over-jacket trimmed with black marabou and a bright green scarf tied fetchingly around her curly head of hair.

Poetically we were, of course, cough cough, wonderful. Afterward I had fun trying my pink flowered hat on various people. It looks quite silly on Denny, and absolutely sweet and adorable on Lyda and Ruth. On me, it makes me look like my grandmother, which is fine with me.

It was lovely to see Jon Singer and Hope Leibowitz and spend a little time with them over brunch. Hope explained matzo brie(sp) to me and Jon explained everything else.

So that was my weekend. Guess I'd better go shovel some more snow.

Happy spring!


Of Juice and Thrips and Ceiling Wax
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