The Joy of Home Winemaking

Of Juice and Thrips and Ceiling Wax — 1999


Cooking with Gas, January 3
Precipitation, January 26
Title of the Month: Shoeing in Your Right Mind


Laundry Tub Woes, February 1
Wholey Lefsa!, February 22
Title of the Month: Gender Vertigo


Kipple, March 6
Weighing In, March 13
Title of the Month: Magical Mushrooms and Mystical Molds


Tree Sex, April 10
Title of the Month: Natural Enemies Handbook


Garden Gold, May 1
Leafing Out, May 11
Nearly Swallowed, May 25
Title of the Month: The Market for Hedging Services


Peonies and Elephants and Wiscon, Oh MY!, June 5
Title of the Month: Algorithmic Beauty of Sea Shells


Getting Better All the Time, July 10
Back from Colorado, July 26
Title of the Month: Foreign Body Prevention,
Detection and Control: A Practical Approach


Defrost, Aug 2
Salute to Jennifer, August 15
Corn Mother, August 25
Title of the Month: Spotlight on Pork III


Vintage Triumph, September 11
Vacuum Points, September 26
Title of the Month: Meat On-line


Hot Cats, Full Moon, October 27
Title of the Month: The Fats of Life


Happy Word, November 8
Deliriously Lovely, November 15
Keeping Warm, November 30
Title of the Month: A Week With Elephants


Feeding the Masses, December 17
Title of the Month: Root and Butt Rots of Forest Trees

Of Juice and Thrips and Ceiling Wax
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