The Joy of Home Winemaking

Of Juice and Thrips and Ceiling Wax — 1998


Praising Crows, January 1
Beet Me, January 7
Purple *Pop*pies, January 16
Not For Reading During Lunch, January 23
Title of the Month: Keeping Australians at Home


Tofu Revulsion, February 5
Compendium of Lettuce Diseases, February 21
Title of the Month: Getting the Most from Your Manure Resource


Marching Along, March 4
Magic, March 6
First Seeds, March 19
Joy Ride, March 28
Title of the Month: Sex in Your Garden by Angela Overy


Air-Cooled Engines, April 4
Squawkin' Robin, April 7
Singing to Bees, April 23
Title of the Month: The Vulture; Nature's Ghastly Gourmet


Blossoming Mayday, May 1
Pelican Rapids, May 12
Raking Leaves in May, Tra La, May 19
Title of the Month: New Frontiers in Barnacle Evolution


Cooking for Hummingbirds, June 1
Dry Cow Housing, June 17
Title of the Month: Consuming People


Victoria's Secret, July 1
Gladioli Roulette, July 19
Garlic in Danger, July 23
All You Need is Love, July 27
Title of the Month: Samoan House Building, Cooking and Tattooing


Lettuce Prey, August 8
Balance of the Universe, August 25
Squirrelly Story, August 31
Title of the Month: The Fate of the Male Germ Cell


More Church, September 14
93 to 58 in Two Days, September 21
Vine Horror, September 29
Title of the Month: 99 More Maggots, Mites and Munchers


It's Been a While, October 27
Title of the Month: Waisted Efforts, an Illustrated Guide to Corset Making


Tuning the Toilet, November 3
Winter Mix, November 10
The Plumber Wanted the Unicorn, November 21
Title of the Month: A Theory of Shopping


Plumbing the Depths, December 5
Dandelion December, December 10
Salubrious Solstice, December 21
Half-Price Half-Wit, December 29
Title of the Month: Seductions of Rice

Of Juice and Thrips and Ceiling Wax
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