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In addition to making wine and writing books, I write poetry. Sometimes I sell it, sometimes I read it aloud to other people. Other times I edit collections of other people's poetry and discover that getting books into distribution channels is hecky-darn. My basement is cluttered and my sweetie complains.

Then a friend suggested I should offer these diverse items for sale on the website, where people who might want them could actually find them. So here they are. Please help my basement live again.

Sample poems

Over the months I've included some poems in my Of Juice and Thrips and Ceiling Wax essays. So if you want a taste of what you're in for, take a look at these. (By the way, since these are recent ones, they're not in any of the collections above, but will probably be in the next, whenever that may be.)

Spotting UFOs While Canning Tomatoes
(The 1997 Rhysling Award winner, long poem division)

Praising Crows

Eventful Horizon

Where My Ass Is cover Where My Ass Is, $8.00

A professionally-produced cassette tape of me reading such works as: "Where My Ass Is", "The Time We Stole The Baby", "Paper Girl", "Doing Time In Nevada", "Greatgrandmother", "Cooking Fish", "Making Myself Grateful", "Marin Theater", "Young and Stupid", "Walking to Tillamook". Published by High Pitched Wines here in Minneapolis.

There are one or two naughty words, but no gratuitous nudity or violence. That is, there is some, but it isn't gratuitous. You can't even see the nudity. "Where My Ass Is" is not about a lost donkey. The poems are basically autobiographical and most of it is true. People tell me they like listening to it on long drives.

Time Frames cover Time Frames, $12.00

A hardcover anthology of Speculative Poetry published by Rune Press here in Minneapolis, containing really good literary stuff by people like: Ruth Berman, John Grey, Mark Rich, Steve Sneyd, Robert Frazier, Geoffrey Landis, Ann K. Schwader, Roger Dutcher, Camilla Decarnin, Alan Stewart, and John Calvin Rezmerski. 97 pages. Science Fiction buffs (we never call it sci fi, honest) will recognize many of these names, as diverse a group of styles as I could find. Time Frames got great reviews.

Time Gum cover Time Gum, $3.00

A chapbook anthology edited by Eleanor Arnason and me. It's a collection of poems read at the Minicon poetry readings. Again, published by Rune press, it's bright pink with a cover illo by Erin McKee, and poetry by Thomas G. Digby, author of the title poem, Jane Yolen, John C. Rezmerski, K. Cassandra O'Malley, Tess Meara Kolney, Terry A. Garey, Ruth Berman, and Eleanor Arnason. 48+ pages, soft cover.

Raw Sacks cover Raw Sacks, $3.00

A limited edition collection of poetry published by my poetry group's press called Bagperson Press. Each poem was mimeoed on a paper sack, and the cover and table of contents are mimeoed on a slightly larger paper sack. We call it a recyclable literary product. Makes fine lunch bags when you get tired of reading it. Contains poems by Eleanor Arnason, Ruth Berman, Camilla Decarnin, Terry A. Garey and Laurel Winter. 16 sacks, only about 20 copies left.

Paper Bag Writer, sold out (not pictured)

The first Recyclable Literary Product. It was produced the same way as Raw Sacks, above. Unfortuntately, unless I should happen find a stash lurking behind a box of Time Frames someday, this one is now sold out.

How to Order

So if you're interested in ordering any of these fine poetry products, you can print out a copy of the handy order form below. Or you could just write down what you want on a sheet of paper; there's nothing magic about the order form. In either case, be sure to include the shipping costs, which are explained below.

Order Form
Item Media Price Qty Cost      
Where my Ass Is Cassette $8.00    
Time Frames Book $12.00    
Time Gum Chapbook $3.00    
Raw Sacks Chapsacks $3.00    
Paper Bag Writer Chapsacks sold out    
Shipping for Time Frames
(because it's heavy)
$1.00 each  
Shipping for Where My Ass Is, Time Gum,
Raw Sacks, and Paper Bag Writer

1-2 items $1.00
3-4 items $1.50
4-5 items $2.00
Make check or money order to Terry A. Garey
(Sorry, I cannot accept credit cards or cash.)
Mail to:
High Pitched Wines
3149 Park Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Thank you!


Here are a few links to other SF poetry sites:

Science Fiction Poetry Association

The Ultimate Science Fiction Poetry Guide by Jonathan Vos Post

Along Fantasy Way by Tom Digby, published when he was an Honored Guest at San Francisco's World Science Fiction Convention in 1993. Check out his Silicon Soapware issues for samples of his wonderful work, like "Meter Madness".

Versefully yours,
Terry Garey

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