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Here's a list of on-line vendors of winemaking supplies. Many of them seem to do more business in beer brewing supplies than winemaking, but I've tried to list only those who actually do offer winemaking supplies. If you have a favorite place that I haven't listed, send the info to me, Terry Garey.

Please note - a listing here is not an endorsement, just information being provided. The quoted descriptions are taken from the vendor's website and do not necessarily represent my own opinion. Caveat emptor and all of that.

Mountain Homebrew & Wine Supply, Kirkland, Washington
"Your Beer and Wine Making Resource!"

Karp's Homebrew Shop, East Northport, New York
"Everything you need to make your own beer, wine, champagne, cider, mead and homemade sodas."

The Cellar Homebrew, Seattle, Washington
"Supplies & Equipment For Beermakers & Winemakers Since 1971"

Double Springs Homebrew Supply, Valley Springs, California
"We have the finest ingredients, equipment, books and supplies for home beer and wine making."

Portage Hills Vineyards, Suffield, Ohio
Homebrewing and Winemaking Supplies

Homebrewer Online
"Something for Everyone"

Northern Brewer, St. Paul, Minnesota
"Since 1993, Northern Brewer has been committed to bringing you quality brewing ingredients and cutting-edge, no-nonsense brewing technology."

Morning Glory Fermentation Supply, El Dorado, California
"Providing complete supplies for the Home Winemaker!"

"Specialty wine yeasts", Woburn, Massachusetts
"We have been serving our customers since 1972."

Beer and Winemaker's Pantry, Pinellas Park, Florida
"We have been supplying wine makers since 1973 and beer makers since 1979."

Capitalist Pig Beer & Wine Supplies, Kansas City, Missouri
"Make your own brews and fermentations with supplies and equipment from The Capitalist Pig."

Home Brew Headquarters, Richardson, Texas
"We offer a complete line of equipment, supplies, and ingredients for homebrewing or winemaking."

The Home Wine, Beer, and Cheesemaking Shop, Woodland Hills, California
"We've been serving discerning hobbiests, like you, since 1972"

Kamil Juices, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
"Offering pure fresh vinifera grape juices"

Uptown Sales, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
"Wine Supplies & Ingredient Kits"

The WindRiver Brewing Company, Eden Prarie, Minnesota
"We are an employee owned company so every one of the owners have a commitment to provide you the best."

Wine Art, U.S. and Canada
Wine & beer making kits and other supplies

WonderWine, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Homemade Winecrafts, makers of WonderWine kits

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