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These pages are chockful of information, anecdotes, recipes, and advice from those who have been there. So if you know of another enthusiast or think your site should be listed too, drop me a note! Send e-mail to Terry Garey.

Orara Valley Wines
"Fruit wine making can be alot of fun and it doesn't take alot of skill, equipment, understanding of chemistry or time."

Julie's Brewery
"This is a non-commercial site dedicated to the theory that winemaking is for all and that it is enjoyable." But Julie's Brewery is no longer there. Anyone know where it's gone?

Making Simple Fermented Beverages
"This is meant to be a simple guide to basic fermentation procedures, and is not meant to be a comprehensive manual. Most is based on personal experience making meads, wines, and ciders."

Don Buchan's Wine & Stuff Page
Info from the keeper of the rec.crafts.winemaking FAQ

Wine by Accident!
Entertaining and informative intro to winemaking.

Amateur Wine Makers Resource
Recipes, commentary, and more links

Home Winemakers Classic (Napa Valley, California)
Tasting and judging of home-made wines. The emphasis seems to be on grapes (this is Napa Valley, after all), but they assure us that fruit wines are entered as well. Check the site for upcoming competitions.

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