The Joy of Home Winemaking

Why I Make Wine
Confessions of a Home Winemaker

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. I like knowing how to make things. And someone gave me a recipe. So I tried it: using frozen lemonade and frozen apple juice and bread yeast. It worked. The result wasn't bad, but it certainly could have stood some improvement. Then a friend tipped me the wink about using wine yeast, of which, up to that point I had never heard.

What an improvement. Visions of a lovely dry beautifully flavored raspberry wine I had once had swam in my head. I read all sorts of old confusing books, tried lots of different things, and realized: hey, I can DO this! It's fun, it's cheap, doesn't take much actual work time, the wine is good, and the whole process is a source of continuing amusement.

So that's why I do this.

Why I wrote a book on the subject: I was tired of remembering from batch to batch which methods I had cobbled together last time and what worked. Now I have it all in one tidy package — an amazing accomplishment for a person who is organizationally challenged.

So, why do you make wine? Send e-mail to Terry Garey.

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