The Joy of Home Winemaking

About my book,
The Joy of Home Winemaking

Picture of Cover I was minding my own business trying to become a science fiction and fantasy writer when BOOM, a friend of mine who is a fantasy writer gave me a call. He had been having dinner with his editor, who said they needed someone to write a book about home winemaking and did Joel know anyone who made wine and could write? Luckily, Mr. Rosenberg did, and that's how the book came about. So, if you are an aspiring writer, in addition to your day job, you should have a hobby or two just in case.

I tried to write a book which answered all the questions I had as a beginning wine maker. I tried to cover as many bases as I could without being confusing. And I tried to incorporate answers to all the questions people had ever asked me about making wine. The emphasis is on fruit wines, rather than grape wines, and on having fun.

Sure, you can be more serious and scientific about things, if you want, but really, if you can follow a cake recipe, or make jam, you can make wine. You don't need a mansion with a wine cellar, you don't need a degree in winemaking, you don't need to be able to speak French (although French is a fine language and worth knowing). You just have to have some knowledge and a few simple ingredients, and you're off to a fine start.

The Joy of Home Winemaking (trade paperback published by Avon Books, New York, ISBN 0380782278, $12.00) is available at fine bookstores everywhere, and if it isn't, they'll order it for you, I'm sure. Personally, I favor small, locally-owned bookstores.

The following places will sell it to you through the mail:

Dreamhaven Books
912 W. Lake St
Minneapolis, MN 55408
fax 612-823-6062

Uncle Hugo's
2864 S. Chicago Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55407
612 824-9984

Amazon Books will sell it to you on line:

Amazon logoThe Joy of Home Winemaking at Amazon books

They all will also sell you some fine Science Fiction and Fantasy, including the works of Joel Rosenberg, my hero.

A few other winemaking books I recommend
Note: Those which are available from Amazon are linked to their Amazon listings.

First Steps in Winemaking : A Complete Month-By-Month Guide to Winemaking (Including the Production of Cider, Perry and Mead) in Your Own Home
Cyril J. J. Berry, C.J.J. Berry; Paperback; $11.65

The old stand-by basic. Mr. Berry hasn't updated things much, but there are some great ideas in here. Some of the recipes may sound odd to Americans, and some might not taste very good to them.

Winemaking : Recipes, Equipment, and Techniques for Making Wine at Home
Stanley F. Anderson, Dorothy Anderson; Paperback; $18.00

Highly reccomended, but not for the beginner or the faint of heart. REALLY good technical info and some great ideas for combos. I doff my hat to the Andersons.

130 new Winemaking Recipes
C.J. Berry; Paperback; $10.95

Fun if you can find it. Be aware that some of these recipes are not to American tastes.

The Oxford companion to wine
Edited by Jancis Robinson; hardcover; $60.00

This book is really great on the technical end of wine-terms, names, dates, facts, history — it's got it all. She's got a programme called "Wine Course" that airs on PBS.

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